Did you know?

Our UPF50+ protective swimwear blocks up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays! Many of us are still confused between SPF/UPF, so we’ve decided to break it down for you in simple words to understand the difference between the two before we delve deeper into the advantages of UPF 50+ protective children’s wear. In a nutshell, SPF measures the effectiveness of a sunscreen against the burning from sun’s harmful rays, whereas, UPF is a relatively new term and it measures the ultraviolet rays that the fabric blocks. Simply put, they are both equally important for maximum protection – especially for children as they have sensitive skin!

At Bodi, we truly believe in crafting high quality children’s swimwear that provides maximum defence for endless fun in the sun! Each of our pieces is vigorously tested and rated in-house for our little one’s full protection.

Here are our top benefits of UPF 50+ clothing that we’d like to share with everyone:

  • No nasties involved i.e. there are absolutely no chemicals!
  • It gives high protection like a shield, no hassle of “reapplying” again and again
  • Super safe for children with skin allergies which makes it a no brainer
  • It is the most effective means of protection against sunburn, skin cancer and skin ageing
  • Blocks up to  99% of sun’s harmful rays