Earth Friendly, Skin Friendly, Ocean Friendly

The brand was founded with the mission to simplify choices and influence positive change in our industry. We aim to create well-made and beautiful pieces that our little customers are sure to use and love for a long time. 

Our pretty awesome fabric: REPREVE

Renowned eco fabric REPREVE, made from recycled plastic bottles. REPREVE sustainable yarns are made using techniques that emit fewer greenhouse gases and conserve water and energy in the process.

All of our swimwear fabrics are carefully treated for resistance to chorine, resistance to pilling, and also offering an UPF50+ to help protect our delicate children’s skin. They hold colour beautifully, and to touch…. they feel ah-ma-zing!

DID YOU KNOW: Today, more than 16 million plastic bottles have been recycled into REPREVE fabric

Small batch production

Designed for longevity, each style is produced in limited quantities to avoid access waste and to minimise ecological footprint

Packaging & distribution

It is important to us that every element of the brand experience is as sustainable as possible, as a result – our hang tags and packaging are recycled

No plastic policy

Certified recycle paper are used as packaging with no plastic in sight

Organic, eco-friendly fabric

Soft, Simple, Sustainable! We want the best for our planet and for our little ones. That is why our cotton has to be organic. It’s better for everyone from the farmers who grow it to the children wearing it!